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“Fifty Years Fly By” by Ada Jo Mann (Chad)

“Fifty Years Fly By” by Ada Jo Mann (Chad)

    Fifty Years Fly By Ada Jo Mann (Chad 1967-69)   Am I still the girl in that photo from Peace Corps training in the Virgin Island of St. Croix full of hope and promise for a world without war where no one goes hungry and women rule from beyond the kitchen where skin color is admired for the beauty of its hue and good deeds trump wealth and greed where science is a weapon against sickness and our past crimes of ignorance? Fifty years fly by and the girl in that photo has become a white-haired woman with the same hopes and dreams but in this present photo a tear glistens on her cheek.   • Ada Jo Mann  began her career in international development and social change as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Chad from 1967-69. As a partner in Innovation Partners International, she collaborates with clients . . .

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