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Peace Corps headquarters moving out of downtown DC

Peace Corps headquarters moving out of downtown DC

  I HAVE HEARD from individuals familiar with the Peace Corps that the convenient three Headquarter buildings that the Peace Corps has enjoyed for all of their existence — some 56 + plus years —will soon be history. The agency will move before the end of the year to the far southwest of the District, out close to the Beltway. The Peace Corps will also likely be sharing a building with another government agency. No longer will the Peace Corps have a footprint in the heart of the Nation’s Capital. The first Peace Corps HQ was at 806 Connecticut Ave across from Lafayette Park and with views of the White House. It was called the Maiatico Building and immortalized in a famous Washington Post photograph showing how the Peace Corps was working far into the night to launch the new agency. The second building was at 1990 K Street NW. I am not sure who was the director at . . .

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