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Peace Corps Writer Awards for 2016

Peace Corps Writer Awards for 2016

  The Paul Cowan Non-Fiction Award First given in 1990 this Award was named to honor Paul Cowan, a Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Ecuador. Cowan wrote The Making of An Un-American about his experiences as a Volunteer in Latin America in the sixties. A longtime activist and political writer for The Village Voice, Cowan died of leukemia in 1988. Winner of the 2016 Paul Cowan Non-Fiction Award  The Great Surge: The Ascent of the Developing World  by Steven Radelet (Western Samoa 1981-83) • The Maria Thomas Fiction Award This Award is named after the novelist Maria Thomas [Roberta Worrick (Ethiopia 1971–73)] who was the author of a well-reviewed novel and two collections of short stories all set in Africa. She lost her life in August, 1989, while working in Ethiopia for a relief agency. She went down in the plane crash that killed Congressman Mickey Leland of Texas. Winner of the Maria Thomas Fiction . . .

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