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Peace Corps Evaluator Stan Meisler Dies at 85

Peace Corps Evaluator Stan Meisler Dies at 85

  Stanley Meisler, globe-trotting foreign correspondent, dies at 85 Stan Meisler was an early evaluator in Charlie Peters’ legendary Peace Corps Office of Evaluation. He did several evaluations for the agency in Ethiopia, where we first met. In 1969, five years after we had met, when I was traveling through Africa writing for the Dispatch News Service, I arrived in Kenya and was walking through a park in Nairobi at midday and spotted Stan. Seeing me, and without breaking step, Stan said, “John, how are you? How about lunch?” That was the way (then and now) Peace Corps people respond to each other. They are never surprised at seeing anyone anywhere in the Third World. Several years ago, Meisler wrote the most recent comprehensive book on the agency entitled, When The World Calls: The Inside Story of the Peace Corps and Its First Fifty Years. Meisler, one of the early Peace . . .

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