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Ten Key Steps In Writing Your Novel # 9

Ten Key Steps In Writing Your Novel # 9

The # 9 Key Step: The chapters of your book need to gain momentum and each chapter needs to be “larger” than the previous one. Think of your chapters as rooms in a building in which each space that one enters is larger than the previous one, and you, as the author, are leading a tour. The readers must sense that as they read they are making progress: learning, and understanding more and more about the characters and the situation. Remember also that characters do not operate in a vacuum. Their actions usually involve other people, and these interactions are what make up scenes. A single scene or a telling description can be a building block for constructing a unified story line. That means that you plot and your characters have to grow and evolve. This happens in two ways: their actions and their outlook on life. Readers develop an . . .

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