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Ten Key Steps In Writing Your Novel #5

Ten Key Steps In Writing Your Novel #5

The #5 Key Step: Here are six things you have to do to finish your novel within 100 days. • Write at the same time every day. • Never wait until you “feel like writing.” • Turn off all distractions, like email or T.V.. • Set a goal to write a minimum number of words each day. • Don’t try to write too much at one time. • Try this trick of Ernest Hemingway’s. End each session in mid-sentence or mid-paragraph so that you’ll have an easier time starting up the next day. Here’s another 10 steps exercise, this one from Brian Clark, of 1. Write. 2. Write move. 3. Write even more. 4. Write even more than that. 5. Write when you don’t want to. 6. Write when you do. 7. Write when you have something to say. 8. Write when you don’t. 9. Write every day. 10. . . .

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