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Traveling as Tourists and Talking with Hemingway

Traveling as Tourists and Talking with Hemingway

Having just returned from Scotland and England, and having watched tourists from all over the world, especially Asia,  traveling in packs and by bus, I was remembering (fondly) how all of us traveled in our time overseas on buses and trains packed with HCNs and more than a few chickens and goats for seatmates. And than as my mind wandered, (which it does) and I thought….’What if Hemingway had been a PCV?’ and this daydream turned up…. What if Hemingway had been a PCV doing small scale farming with the Kikuyu shortly after he was divorced from his third wife and not yet married to Miss Mary? What if, Hemingway, who had lived in more places than there are Peace Corps countries of assignments and offended many more people even than John Coyne, was asked–in his real life–if the earth did move, there on the brown, pine-needled floor of the . . .

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