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Will the Millennials Join the Peace Corps?

Will the Millennials Join the Peace Corps?

The Associated Press reports that in a new survey young kids are more serious about giving back than their parents were (that means you!). In fact, those under age 30 now are more likely to say citizens have a “very important obligation” to volunteer, an Associated Press poll finds. The embrace of volunteering is striking because young people’s commitment to other civic duties – such as voting, serving on a jury and staying informed – has dropped sharply from their parents’ generation and is lower than that of Americans overall. Among six civic activities in the AP poll, volunteering is the only one that adults under 30 rated as highly as older people did. Today’s young adults grew up amid nudges from a volunteering infrastructure that has grown exponentially since their parents’ day, when the message typically came through churches or scouting. In the decades since President George H.W. Bush . . .

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