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Peace Corps helps CDC team in Liberia

Peace Corps helps CDC team in Liberia

The Washington Post reports that the Peace Corps’ local network in Liberia helped the CDC  begin its ebola fighting efforts. Here is  the link to the article: Thanks to the National  Peace Corps Association for posting the information about the Washington Post article on their Facebook page. From that article, read the following: Greg Thorne, the deputy team leader for the CDC in Liberia, wrote to Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet this past week, thanking the agency for smoothing the path for American public health workers in the county of Gbarpolu. “We, the CDC team members, entered Gbarpolu as strangers,” Thorne wrote. “Carried by community goodwill . . . and connected by our Peace Corps colleague’s extensive local network, we were able to rapidly integrate with the county leadership and earn the trust necessary for them to openly discuss challenges and take our suggestions to heart.” The Peace Corps staffers have . . .

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