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Review of S.A. Bodeen's (Tanzania 1989-91) The Fallout

Review of S.A. Bodeen's (Tanzania 1989-91) The Fallout

The Fallout by S.A. Bodeen (Tanzania 1989–90) Feiwel and Friends $16.99 (hard cover); $8.89 (Kindle) 336 pages September 2013 Reviewed by Deidre Swesnik (Mali 1996–98) SPOILER ALERT! The Fallout is the sequel to The Compound. If you haven’t read The Compound and intend to, you really shouldn’t read this review. It’s hard to talk about anything in The Fallout that wouldn’t spoil at least some of The Compound. Ok — I warned you. Seriously — I “oh-so-totally-frickin’” warned you. Ok – so I really wanted to say oh-so-totally-frickin’ because it’s cool and because I can legitimately put it into this review since it’s a direct quote from the book. Yep. This young adult book was a lot of fun to get into, and definitely a page-turner. This combination of suspense, survival, and teenage angst makes for a great read. I’m spoiling The Compound for you now. This is officially your . . .

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