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RPCV Chase Adam (Costa Rica 2010-11) Third Goal Achievement

RPCV Chase Adam (Costa Rica 2010-11) Third Goal Achievement

[Thanks to Mary-Ann Tirone Smith (Cameroon 1965-67) who mentioned this New York Times article that I had missed. Here it is. Another RPCV doing great Third Goal work on his own.] Jim Wilson/The New York Times Chase Adam, 26, a former Peace Corps volunteer, is the founder of Watsi. By NICOLE LaPORTE, The New York Times April 13, 2013 TWO YEARS AGO, Chase Adam, a Peace Corps volunteer in Costa Rica, was riding a bus through a town called Watsi, when a woman got on board asking for money. Her son, she said, needed medical attention and she couldn’t pay for it. As the woman walked through the bus, she showed people a copy of her son’s medical record. Mr. Adam, who is now 26, noticed that nearly everyone donated money. Watsi raised money for Chenda, top, a 1-year-old boy in Cambodia, who badly burned his hand. Nuro, 11, of . . .

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