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Not Your Parents' Peace Corps ????

Not Your Parents' Peace Corps ????

Peace Corps Acting Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet (Western Samoa 1981-83) Writes: Not Your Parents’ Peace Corps in a short essay on Huff Post today, February 25, 2012. She is making the case that PCVs today are “installing solar-powered computer labs to helping communities switch to renewable energy; from linking local entrepreneurs to global markets to developing cellphone text messaging services to answer questions about HIV.” All of that may be true enough, but did any of today’s PCVs have to operate a Gestetner Machine? Let them ask their PCV parents what a tough, messy job  was really like in days of old. Not sure if this was Carrie’s title for her article…It might have been crafted by the new press person at the Peace Corps, someone who never met a Gestetner Machine, let alone operated one. That being said, Carrie has a nice piece in the Huff Post detailing was is true today, at it . . .

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