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Review of J. Grigsby Crawford's (Ecuador 2009-11) The Gringo

Review of J. Grigsby Crawford's (Ecuador 2009-11) The Gringo

The Gringo: A Memoir By J. Grigsby Crawford (Ecuador 2009–11) Wild Elephant Press $15.95 (paperback); $9.99 (Kindle) 225 pages 2013 Reviewed  by Kitty Thuermer (Mali 1977–79) So let’s pretend I’m fresh out of college and that I’ve wanted to join the Peace Corps ever since the 7th grade.  I make an appointment with a recruiter, who is a clean cut guy named Grigsby Crawford, back from serving in Ecuador. We meet in Adams Morgan, Washington D.C. Me: Hey, one of my burning questions – I’ve been reading a lot of scary stuff about safety in the Peace Corps.  Did you feel safe in Ecuador? Grigs: Safe?!  (Laughs) …well, to be honest… I was sent alone to a dangerous outpost in the Wild West of the country and …um, things deteriorated and my host family was threatened – because of me – and armed thugs with machine guns were out to . . .

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