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The Peace Corps Speaks For Itself

The Peace Corps Speaks For Itself

[This is, as you see, a very early talk by Shriver about the Peace Corps. It was given in the first month of the agency. Indeed it was given in the first days, 23 days after the signing of the Executive Order creating the agency. I want to thank Bob Arias (Colombia 1964-66) for bringing it to my attention and sending me a copy. It is interesting to read the early expectations Sarge had about the Peace Corps, and what he hoped all of us would achieve overseas. Did we fulfill his dreams? Has the Peace Corps lived up to his lofty goals all these 50+ years later.] THE PEACE CORPS SPEAKS FOR ITSELF Speech by Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr. Director, The Peace Corps New York Herald Tribune Youth Forum March 24, 1961 I was invited here to speak for the Peace Corps, but in a sense, no one can . . .

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