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Third Goal for Peru, The Chijnaya Foundation

Third Goal for Peru, The Chijnaya Foundation

I am continually amazed and humbled by the work that RPCVs continue to do in the countries where they once served as PCVs. Recently I received word about another amazing project, this time in Peru, carried on by a handful of former Peru Volunteers. These RPCVs have established the Chijnaya Foundation and they work directly with villages in hard to access, under-served areas of the Peruvian Andes. Among the RPCVs on this foundation board are Ralph Bolton (Peru 1962-65) who contacted me, Peggy Slater (Peru 1966-68),  John Rouse (Peru 1966-68), Connie Jaquith (Bolivia and Peru, not sure of her dates). Other former RPCVs who were early organizers are Andrew Hoffman (Peru 1966-68), Raymond Rifenburg (Peru 1966-68), and Paul Doughty, a Peace Corps trainer in Peru in the early ’60s, Rolly Thompson,  a consultant to the foundation, and Judith Haden, who was a PCV in Central America.  As I said, the The Chijnaya Foundation works directly with . . .

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