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Tom Gallagher (Ethiopia One) Was The First!

Tom Gallagher (Ethiopia One) Was The First!

Some 39 years Tom Gallagher (Ethiopia 1962-64) became the first Foreign Service Officer, and the first officer of any government in the world, to voluntarily come out of the closet. That was no small moment in time. It cost Tom his career in the State Department. Now it is  Wednesday, November 28, 2012 and Tom and other are gathered in the diplomatic reception room at the State Department -arguably the most beautiful room in the Western Hemisphere  where the Secretary of State welcomes visiting kings, presidents, etc. Tom is there to celebrate the 20th anniversary of GLIFAA, the gay organization for foreign affairs agencies in Washington.  The Washington Gay Mens’ Chorus has just finished singing the Star Spangled Banner in four part harmony.  Next, the Secretary of State speaks out about her solid support for gay rights at the State Department and worldwide, and Tom is thinking:  “Wow, we’ve come a long way, baby!” In . . .

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