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Kevin Quigley writes to put me in my place!

Kevin Quigley writes to put me in my place!

[My friend Kevin Quigley, President and CEO of the NPCA, emailed me late today to tell me I was all wrong about the blog I posted over the weekend that drew attention to his organization.. You might remember how I wrote that their offices were moving to a higher space because they were running out of money and couldn’t afford stay on the lower floor. Not true says Kevin. I also said that they wouldn’t take a stand against the Peace Corps because the NPCA depended on the agency to support them. Not true says Kevin. I asked Kevin to please place his comments on the site, but he couldn’t because, as I said, he was moving to a higher floor and his computer was packed, but he email me anyway to say I could post his comments. And here is what Kevin had to say to correct my mistakes. He calls me Sean Padraic, by . . .

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