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Changing Response/Crisis Corps

Changing Response/Crisis Corps

The following paragraph is from the Peace Corps Agency Assessment Report published in June 2010. It is Recommendation #4 in the Vision Summary on page 12, and reads: Breaking from the current mission of Peace Corps Response, assignments would be open to those who could meet qualification criteria, whether or not they had been Peace Corps Volunteers in the past.  The program would place experienced and qualified individuals into assignments that draw on their specific skills and experience, with flexible time commitments. Questions RPCVs might raise are: Does this negate the language and cross cultural training that Volunteers receive? Does this negate the experience that serving Volunteers gain by service that would be helpful in a crisis response? Does this allows those who do not have the Peace Corps experience to use the “brand name” to their advantage? How do you keep the CIA from ‘volunteering’ and using the Peace Corps as . . .

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