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Writing About Ernest Hemingway

Writing About Ernest Hemingway

My family knows to buy me Hemingway books for my birthday. If there is no new Hemingway book, I get socks! This fall, however, there are three new books about Hemingway, and two of them have come my way. The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, Volume I: 1907-1922 and Hemingway’s Boat: Everything He Loved in Life, and Lost, 1934-1961 by Paul Hendrickson. It was published by Knopf last month. And Hemingway’s Boat is a wonder of a book! Let me confess that Paul Hendrickson and I share something of a history, though we have never met. Both of us attended Saint Louis University as undergraduates, and both of us came under the magical spell of Dr. Albert Montesi, SLU’s famous creative writing teacher. Paul came to SLU years after I attended college and did not join the Peace Corps. He went onto become a staff writer at The Washington Post where he also wrote books, one being The Living and the . . .

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