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Lee St. Lawrence as remembered by Joan & Pierre Delva

Lee St. Lawrence as remembered by Joan & Pierre Delva

[Back in March I wrote a short blog about Lee St. Lawrence who was one of the first ‘mad men’ of the Peace Corps in early ’61. That blog entry came to the attention of Pierre Delva who wrote me about his connection to St. Lawrence, and also to send me the short book he wrote about St. Lawrence, his friend, who he labeled on the title page, “The Man Behind the Peace Corps.” Why, Lee wasn’t  the man behind’ the agency, he was, nevertheless, an important early figure in the Peace Corps. Pierre and Joan Delva knew Lee most of their adult life, and Pierre and Joan, too, have had an interesting and productive life in England and Canada. As Pierre wrote me, “I was a general practitioner for ten years in London’s east end, emigrated  to Canada, did six years training as a pediatrician, (including two at WRU), became an ‘academic’ at . . .

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