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Review of Taylor Dibbert's Fiesta of Sunset

Review of Taylor Dibbert's Fiesta of Sunset

Fiesta of Sunset: The Peace Corps, Guatemala, and a Search for Truth By Taylor Dibbert (Guatemala 2006–08) 192 Pages iUniverse July 2011 Reviewed by P. David Searles (CD Philippines 1971-74 & Regional Director NANEAP 1974–76) TAYLOR HAS DONE A GREAT FAVOR for people like me whose real knowledge of the lives Peace Corps Volunteers lead is based on what took place decades ago, and for those considering Peace Corps service as the next step in their lives. Dibbert served in Guatemala from 2006 to 2008 as a member of an Appropriate Technology group concentrating on bringing potable water to the poorest of the poor in rural Guatemala. Fortunately for us, he faithfully kept a journal of his time in-country and has now published a judiciously edited version of it in his book, Fiesta of Sunset. Dibbert tells his story with honesty, clarity, some humor, and always with a deeply felt . . .

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