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Fiber Artist Stephanie Gorin (Morocco 1993-95)

Fiber Artist Stephanie Gorin (Morocco 1993-95)

Stephanie Gorin (Morocco 1996–98) worked with me in the New York Recruitment Office, a wonderful woman and Peace Corps Recruiter, and artist! See, there is life after the Peace Corps, (and after working with Coyne) and after graduate school! Congratulates, Steph! — John • From Spin Artiste An Online Publication For the Making and Using of Artisanal Fibers and Yarns Posted on July 8, 2011 by Arlene Ciroula, and reprinted with permission from Featured Artist: Steph Gorin of Loop Publisher’s Notes:  Dear Readers, prepare yourself for a magical fiber-filled adventure as we learn more about Steph Gorin and her studio, Loop.  Steph is an incredible talent and her story is quite fascinating. With great pleasure, I present the Spin Artiste interview with Steph Gorin. Spin Artiste (SA): In reading about you, I am struck (let’s make that awestruck) by your impressive educational background and how you have re-focused your career from international . . .

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