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1 Joins First Response Action Efforts
Review of Kelly Clancy's Soldiers of God Joins First Response Action Efforts has taken an interest in First Response Action’s efforts to advocate for an improved response from Peace Corps for Volunteers. They launched a petition today advocating for  proposed legislation to cement changes to support Peace Corps Volunteers who are victimized. You can sign and share the petition here: They already received 1,432 signatures in the last 24 hours! Members of First Response Action recently spoke with Peace Corps staff members and they shared their improvements within the organizaton. Those improvements to support Volunteers and victims of sexual and physical violence are listed here in a post they created to celebrate the steps Peace Corps has taken to improve training and response. There are many steps yet to be taken, accordding to First Response Action, but these initial improvements are a good sign. The post was also in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which is April. The House Foreign Affairs Committee is tentatively scheduled . . .

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Review of Kelly Clancy's Soldiers of God

Soldiers of God (graphic novel) by Kelly Clancy (Turkmenistan 2004–06) Sixta Comics ( $15.00 256 pages 2010 Reviewed by Ian Kreisberg IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in reading a smart, challenging, visceral, slightly unnerving comic which compellingly and uniquely shares the converging story of two people in a style that is both familiar and foreign authored by someone who spent two years in Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan and paid for by the co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, then may I suggest Soldiers of God by Kelly Clancy? Or, to expostulate, there is something about Soldiers of God that is flawlessly unsettling (not the same as unsettlingly flawless, the book has flaws) and embedded in the book’s DNA. There are patches of narration that unsettle because you don’t know who the speaker is, you only know that you believe in them and, when they combine with the spidery scrawl of the lettering, . . .

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