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The Ouagadougou Peace Corps Doctor

The Ouagadougou Peace Corps Doctor

 Yesterday I wrote about Peace Corps Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, a research psychiatrist, who wrote (among other books) The Insanity Offense and who had been a Peace Corps doctor (Ethiopia 1964-66) and married to an RPCV, Barbara Boyle (Tanzania 1963-65). Fuller was quoted in an op-ed piece in the New York Times. That reminded me that back in 2001 Peace Corps Doctor Milt Kogan, who served in the Republic of Upper Volta from June 1970 to June 1972, sent me a copy of the 169 page, double spaced, typed, diary that he had kept of his experience in country in the early Seventies. He was the Peace Corps Physician in care of 70 Vols in the nation now known as Burkina Faso.[ It was renamed by President Thomas Sankara in 1984 to mean “the land of the upright people” in Mossi and Dioula, the major languages of the country.] Milt arrived in country . . .

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