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How To Sell Your Book!

How To Sell Your Book!

Anyone who decides to write a book soon realizes that the job requires three separate but equal skills: 1) You have to think of what to write; 2) You have to write the book; 3) You have to then go out and sell your book. # 3 is particularly true of anyone who self-publishes a novel or memoir. What writers soon realize is that no one wants to read their book! What writers have to realize is that just because you have written a book that doesn’t necessarily mean an audience is waiting to read it. There are famous stories of how successful authors were approached by new would-be writers and they’d say: “I’ll get you published, as long as I don’t have to read it.” That happened to William Faulkner, by the way. Sherwood Anderson got him published but didn’t read Faulkner’s first book. So don’t feel bad if no one reads . . .

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