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Mad Man Charlie Peters Comes To Washington, Part Two

Mad Man Charlie Peters Comes To Washington, Part Two

Charlie Peters was born in Charleston, West Virginia, and enlisted in the Army in ’44. He was an infantryman until he broke his back in a training accident. Discharged, he enrolled himself in Columbia and earned a B.A. in humanities and an M.A. in English, then he went onto get a law degree at Virginia, got married, and returned to West Virginia and went to work in his father’s law firm. From that launching point, he was appointed clerk of the House of Delegates Judiciary Committee, and in 1960, was elected to the House as a Democrat. When he went to work for the Peace Corps in 1961 it was with the idea of staying only three months, and then returning to the politics of West Virginia. But this is what happened instead.   Kenny O’Donnell had called Shriver and told him about Peters. Shriver called Moyers and told him that the word on . . .

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