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Looking For An Agent? The “E” List

Looking For An Agent? The “E” List

Edelstein, Anne ANNE EDELSTEIN LITERARY AGENCY 404 Riverside Drive New York, NY 10025 Religion/Spirituality Egan-Miller, Danielle BROWNE & MLLLER LITERARY ASSOCIATES 410 S. Michigan Avenue, Ste. 724 Chicago, IL 60605 Women’s/Romance, History/Politics/Current Affairs, Children’s, Religion/Spirituality, Memoirs, Eliseo, Leigh Ann DAVID BLACK LITERARY AGENCY 156 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10001 History/Politics/Current Affairs, Parenting, How-To, Memoirs, Sports, Business/Investing/Finance, Lifestyle, Reference, Biography, Religion/Spirituality, Narrative Non-Fiction, Advice/Relationships Ellenberg, Ethan THE ETHAN ELLENBERG LITERARY AGENCY 548 Broadway #5E New York, NY 10012 Women’s/Romance, General Fiction   English, Elaine GRAYBILL & ENGLISH 4710 41st St, NW, Suite D Washington, DC 20016 Women’s/Romance Eth, Felicia FELICIA ETH LITERARY REPRESENTATION 555 Bryant Street, Suite 350 Palo Alto, CA 94301 General Fiction, Reference   Evans, Joni WILLIAM MORRIS 1325 Ave. of the Americas, 11th Fl. New York, NY 10019 General Fiction, General Non-Fiction, Memoir, Sports, History, Politics/Current Affairs, Children’s . . .

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