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  • All so true. And a couple more: we can fix things that break or wear out, often in highly unusual ways. And, if money is scarce, we can subsist for days on stuff like rice and peanuts.

  • Hell—we can squeeze five cups of tea out of one tea bag
    -we can wrap a banana in a chappati or pita bread slathered with peanut butter and consider it an exquisite treat
    -we know how to exist, learn about the world and have many adventures without a cell phone in our hand, or evven an airmail letter or a newspaper
    -we can regale you with “ancient history” like how our host community and country reacted and mourned the death of President Jack Kennedy
    -we have actually drunk Palm Toddy, Mauby juice and chewed sugar cane stalks for refreshment
    -we can go two years without furniture, we just squat on our haunches for hours and sleep on woven mats
    -after two years in a Muslim country every American woman is beautiful and a joy to behold
    -you won’t have to buy a lot of new books, we read the old ones over and over again and then we bum other old ones from our friends
    -we recognize thee morning sounds of roosters crowing, donkeys braying, birds singing, goats baaing and the Mullah calling all to the morning prayer

  • Absolutely, John. I’d add one more thing. Remember during the pandemic how everybody was completely freaked out about not being able to find toilet paper? Well, guess who that wasn’t a problem for.

  • I love this–and it is so true! Often friends say they would love to travel with me because I have been to a lot of places that aren’t on most people’s must visit list. And I usually say, “Well, you’d be welcome, but  do know  my standards are low (i.e., any mode of transportation is fine with me, even if I am up close to other people, (as in squeezed between two strangers on a bus or in a matatu), my restaurant choices tend to the local and simple, and I don’t mind eating with my hands–without utensils, and hotels? well, you know–the only requirement is a clean bed, especially if I’ve brought flea powder.

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