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Jane Albritton (India 1967-69) senior editor of four books of essays by RPCVs published by Travelers’ Tales/Solas House was kind enough to send me this announcement from Travelers’ Tales. It might be, she wrote, a place where RPCV writers will find a home for their prose.

The site is:


Submission Guidelines

Tales To Go is published by Travelers’ Tales/Solas House, Inc. You will find detailed rights and payment information at our submissions intake site and in the full Travelers’ Tales submission guidelines.

Type of Story
Please read at least one issue of Tales To Go to get a sense of what we publish. In general, we’re looking for personal, nonfiction stories and anecdotes-funny, illuminating, adventurous, frightening, or grim. Stories should reflect that unique alchemy that occurs when you enter unfamiliar territory and begin to see the world differently as a result. Previously published stories are welcome, as long as you retain the copyright.

Whatever it takes without being self-indulgent, but shorter stories (roughly 1,000 to 3,000 words) have a better chance of being accepted.

Author Bio
Please include your complete contact information and a few sentences about yourself, something quirky and fun in addition to the usual list of accomplishments.

How to Submit
We are unable to accept submissions via email or regular mail. All submissions must be made through the Travelers’ Tales submissions intake site.

By submitting your story to Travelers’ Tales, you agree that we may post it on our site(s) as an example of good travel writing (e.g., “Editor’s Choice”). You will not be paid for this use, but you will retain all rights to your material, and as a Travelers’ Tales contributor you will be able to purchase any TT books from our catalog at 50 percent off. If we select your story for publication in Tales To Go or in one of our books, we will contact you regarding permission and payment.

We are interested in non-exclusive rights, in all languages, in print and digital editions, throughout the world. Our use of the material does not restrict your rights to have your stories reprinted elsewhere. You will find additional rights information at our submissions intake site and Travelers’ Tales.

For publication in Tales To Go, Travelers’ Tales offers a $50 honorarium for stories of any length. Information about publication in our books can be found at Travelers’ Tales.

In most cases, we will do some editing for style, grammar, or length. We may also alter the story title. Due to the large number of submissions received, we will only contact you if we decide to publish your submission. Final decisions are made near the end of the editorial process, and all authors whose stories have been accepted are notified at that time.

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