More on Ghana Killing

PCV Rachel Ricciardi was walking home early Saturday with another Volunteer, Andrew Kistler, when they were approached by machete-wielding thieves who tried to rob them near their home in the town of Wa in Ghana.

One of the assailants slashed at Kistler with a machete, cutting his shoulder and hand but not seriously wounding him.

Kistler reportedly stabbed one of the attackers in the chest with a pocket knife he was carrying. The assailant, who ran from the scene, was found dead Saturday morning near where the encounter took place.

The two PCVs reported the incident to the local authorities Saturday morning, were interviewed by local police, and released later that day, according to U.S. State Department.

“They have not been charged with any crime. The matter is under investigation by Ghanaian officials,” the U.S. State Department said in a message posted online.

As a result of the incident, all Peace Corps Volunteers in the part of Ghana known as the Upper West Region have been removed from their work sites,  Maureen Knightly said. It is a precautionary measure while the security situation in the area is assessed, she added. Maureen Knightly is the new communications director for the Peace Corps. She said Ricciardi and Kistler “are safe and now with Peace Corps staff.”

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