Good News From Harambee!

You might remember that I posted a call for RPCVs to vote for Jasperdean Kobes (Ethiopia 1962-64). Jasperdean needed 250 votes to qualify a small business grant.

I just heard from Jasperdean, who writes: GOOD NEWS!! We received 272 votes by midnight on Saturday, June 30th. We are now eligible to be considered for one of the 12 small business grants ($250,000) that will be awarded by Chase and Living Social in September.  Thanks so much for posting our request on your blog.  Thanks so much to everyone who voted for us. The votes came from various parts of our community: our customers; our friends and colleagues; our suppliers in Kenya, Tanzania, and Ghana; and our Kenyan friends in Reading and Allentown, PA.  Getting out the voting for us in 72 hours was definitely an example of “HARAMBEE” – which literally means “all pulling together” in Swahili.

 Once again, we thank everyone who voted for us, and we acknowledge those who would have liked to vote, but aren’t on Facebook. Your in-person support is also appreciated.  I received e-mails from 12-15 people who would have voted for us but aren’t on Facebook!!

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