Chic Dambach (Colombia 1967-69) Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow

The current issue of The Council of Independent Colleges newsletter, Independent has an article entitled, “Campuses Reap Benefits of Hosting Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows.” In Woodrow Wilson’s current impressive list of Fellows is a senior executive of the Coca-Cola company, a former U.S. ambassador to the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and ‘the former chief of staff for a U.S. Representative from California, our own Charles “Chic” Dambach (Colombia 1967-69).

dambach-c2In a brief paragraph on the “Fellows” the article states: “Charles “Chic” Dambach’s wide-ranging career includes serving as chief of staff for U.S. Representative John Garamendi (D-CA) (Ethiopia 1966-68) and six years as president and CEO of the Alliance for Peacebuilding, during which he established a network of organizations and professionals to help built sustainable peace and security worldwide. Previously, Dambach restructured and revitalized the National Peace Corps Association, where his career began as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Colombia. He also helped build Operation Respect’s anti-bullying program.”

Sorry, Chic, I couldn't resist

Sorry, Chic, I couldn't resist

It does not mention his book, Exhaust the Limits: The Life and Times of a Global Peacebuilder, self-published in 2010.

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