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The following Peace Corps authors have had books published by Peace Corps Writers.
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Suzanne Adam (Colombia 196466)

Marrying Santiago

John Ashford (Botswana 1990–92)

Meeting the Mantis: Searching for a Man in the Desert and Finding the Kalahari Bushmen

Susanne Aspley (Thailand 1989–91)

Ladyboy and the Volunteer

Aaron Barlow (Togo 1988–90)

Hard As Kerosene

James Beebe (Philippines 1968-73)
Those Were the Days: A Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines in the Late ’60s

Lora Parisien Begin   (Tunisia; Papua New Guinea 1988–90)
The Measure of A Dream: A Peace Corps Story

Marian Haley Beil (Ethiopia 1962–64), editor
Eritrea Remembered: Recollections & Photos by Peace Corps Volunteers

Bonnie Lee Black (Gabon 1996–98)
How to Cook a Crocodile: A Memoir with Recipes

Parker W. Borg, Maureen J. Carroll, Patricia MacDermot Kasdan, Stephen W. Wells (Philippines 1961–63)
Answering Kennedy’s Call: Pioneering the Peace Corps in the Philippines

Jackie Zollo Brooks (Madagascar 1997–99)
The Ravenala: A Romantic novel

Richard W. Carroll (Central Africa Republic 1976–82)
2,000 Miles Around the Tree of Life: A Naturalist Hikes the Appalachian Trail
The Emperor and the Elephants: A Peace Corps Volunteer’s Story of Life During the late 1970s in the Central African Empire

Bob Cochran writing as RJ Huddy (Morocco 1981–83)
No Senator’s Son
Death to the Rescue: A Twisting Creek Mystery
Big Charlene’s Weight-Loss Supper Club and Taxi Dancing: A Twisting Creek Mystery

Gary P. Cornelius (South Africa 2012–13)
Dancing with Gogos: A Peace Corps Memoir
July 2014

Meredith W. Cornett (Panama 1991–93), editor
Peace Corps in Panama: Fifty Years, Many Voices
April 2013

Ken Cox (Ecuador 1964–66)
The Peace Corps Diaries: An American Odyssey: Ecuador, 1964–66\

John Coyne (Ethiopia 1962-64)
The Caddie Who Won the Masters
How To Write A Novel in 100 Days: With tips about agents, editors, publishers and self-publishing
Long Ago and Far Away

Emily C. Creigh (Paraguay 1975–77) and Dr. Martin Almada
Journey to the Heart of the Condor: Love, Loss and Survival in a South American Dictatorship

Harriet Denison (Tanzania 1966–67)
Leopards at My Door: Peace Corps Tanzania, 1966–67

Kay Gillies Dixon (Colombia 1962–64)
Wanderlust Satisfied

Nicholas Duncan (Uganda 2010–12)
Tales from a Muzungu

David C. Edmonds (Chile 1963-65)
Lily of Peru] The Girl in the Glyphs: A Novel with Maria Nieves Edmonds
Lirio del Peru: Una Novela with Maria Nieves Edmonds

Abigail Fay (Senegal 2007–09)
Running in Flip-flops, September 2011

Kevin G. Finch (Honduras 2004–06)
Paradise in Front of Me: Realizing Life’s Beauty in An Unexpected Place

Susan Fox — based on the diary of Joanne Carter Bowling (Afhanistan 1968–70)
Little Women of Baghlan: The Story Of A Nursing School For Girls In Afghanistan, The Peace Corps, And Life Before The Taliban, October 2013

Martin R. Ganzglass (Somalia 1966-68)
The Orange Tree: A Novel, May 2011
Somalia: Short Fiction, June 2012
Cannons for the Cause: A Novel of the American Revolution, March 2014
Tories and Patriots (A Novel of the American Revolution), January 2015
Blood Upon the Snow, April 2016

Jason Gray (Gabon 2002–04)
Glimpses through the Forest: Memories of Gabon, May 2013

Richard Grimsrud writing as Will Michelet (India 1965–67)
Mata Naveena, September 2015

Eloise Hanner (Afghanistan 1971–73, Paraguay 1999–2000)
Posted in Paraguay, March 2014

Jay Hersch (Colombia 1964–66)
Time Passages, October 2015

Frances Hopkins Irwin and Will A. Irwin (Afghanistan 1966–67)
The Early Years of Peace Corps in Afghanistan: A Promising Time, February 2014

Leita Kaldi (Senegal 1993–96)
In the Valley of Atibon, November 2012

Tom Klobe (Iran 1964–66)
A Young American in Iran, December 2014

Will Lutwick (Fiji 1968–70)
Dodging Machetes: How I Survived Forbidden Love, Bad Behavior, and the Peace Corps in Fiji, May 2012

Ada Jo Mann (Chad 1967-69)
Words Create Worlds: Poems, April 2023

David J. Mather (Chile 1968–70)
One for the Road, September 2011
When the Whistling Stopped, June 2014
Crescent Beach, March 2016

Darcy Munson Meijer (Gabon 1982–84)
Adventures in Gabon: Peace Corps Stories from the African Rainforest, September 2011

Katherine S. Miller (Ghana 1962–64)
Letters from Susie: Growing Up Ghanaian 1962-2015, July 2016

Stephen Mustoe (Kenya 1983–84)
Brevité: A Collection of Short Fiction, May 2016

Patrick R. O’Leary (Sierra Leone 1966–68)
From Freeborn to Freetown & Back, September 2016

Susan Kramer O’Neill (Venezuela 1973–74)
Calling New Delhi for Free: (and other ephemeral truths of the 21st century), July 2013

Catherine Onyemelukwe (Nigeria 1962–64)
Nigeria Revisited: My Life and Loves Abroad, October 2014

Joan Richter (Peace Corps staff spouse: Kenya 1965-67)
The Gambling Master of Shanghai: And Other Tales of Suspense, March 2011

Franklin D. Rothman (Brazil 1967–69)
Brooklyn, NY to Bocaiúva, Brazil: A Peace Corps Love Story, May 2016

Ruth Kesselring Royal & Beryl Brinkman (Philippines 1961–63)
Never Gonna Cease My Wanderin’: Letters Between Friends, September 2012

Richard C Schneider (Philippines 1969–71, 1974–77)
Living with the Pinatubo Aetas: A Peace Corps Philippines Journal, July 2014

Anthony Simeone (Upper Volta 1971–73)
Connecting Two Worlds: An Environmental Journey From Peace Corps To Present, March 2013

Dave Smits (Guatemala 1963–65)
Recollections of Our Peace Corps Service, 1963–1965: Kick-Off, Life in Guatemala, and Afterwards, October 2012

Frances L. Stone (Philippines 1971–73)
Through the Eyes of My Children: The Adventures of a Peace Corps Volunteer Family, February 2012

Andrew Tadross (Ethiopia 2011–13)
The Essential Guide to Amharic: The National Language of Ethiopia, September 2015

Jon Thiem (Ghana 1968–70)
Letters from Ghana 1968-1970: A Peace Corps Chronicle, November 2013

Mark Wentling (Honduras, 1967-69, Togo, 1970-73; PC Staff: Togo, Gabon, Niger 1973–77)
Africa’s Embrace, September 2013
Africa’s Release: The Journey Continues, May 2014
Africa’s Heart: The Journey Ends in Kansas, January 2015

Angene Wilson (Liberia 1962–64)
Africa on My Mind: Educating Americans for Fifty Years, Living Peace Corps’ Third Goal, February 2013

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