gayton-dI did small-scale agricultural extension in Colombia, with the objective of improving nutrition. I worked for a year in a very remote jungle area; I think the Peace Corps sent me there because I was disruptive during Training. The Choco was a fascinating experience, but certainly no place to practice small-scale agriculture, since the local folks were very well fed already. For my second year I lived in a village in the Andean coffee zone, and worked with small farmers and their families, encouraging market gardens. It was a thrill to see the moms and children come — for the first time — to the Saturday markets as sellers, rather than just buyers.

I became a Canadian citizen in the aftermath of the Vietnam War, and live in the British Columbia Interior.

man-facing-westI work as a grassland ecologist, and have written six books of non-fiction, mostly on natural subjects. My collection of fiction and non-fiction stories — also called Man Facing West — will be published by Thistledown Press in May, 2011.