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Carrie Continues Campaign: Washington Journal Appearance - Posted 5 hours ago to Peace Corps: Public Records

Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet continued her campaign to promote the Peace Corps by appearing, today, on C-Span's Washington Journal. The Director described the new and speedy application process. She answered questions called in live from across the country.  To hear the program, here is the link: (Read More)

Don’t Forget the Consumers! - Posted 10 hours ago to Your Money: Popular Freakonomics

Popular Economics Weekly “It’s the Consumers, Stupid,” is an oft-repeated mantra being echoed currently by Internet advocates who want to keep Internet access free. But there’s a more important reason to worry about consumer health. Consumers are still way too pessimistic in the fifth year of this recovery, and that is hurting economic growth. Graph: Reuters.. (Read More)

John Coyne (Ethiopia 1962–64) publishes Long Ago and Far Away - Posted 1 day ago to Peace Corps Writers

Yes, our very own, recently retired editor has just published his latest novel — it's number 13! Here's what John has to say about his new book in his PRESS RELEASE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY By John Coyne Displaying the storytelling skill that has made him a seven-time bestselling author, John Coyne delivers a suspenseful, haunting and.. (Read More)

Bringing The World Back Home - Posted 3 days ago to Your Money: In the New Economy

Perhaps the most redundant exercise in the world is the Peace Corps bringing the world back to the USA.  The world is already there.  We come from all countries, ethnicities, races, linguistic groups, climes, regions, and more.  We are a melange of all the world's people.  And what other country not in Africa has the son of an African immigrant with an African surname as president? For over 50 years I have heard people chide Americans.. (Read More)

Review: Lauren Greasewater's War by Stephen Hirst (Liberia 1962-64) - Posted 5 days ago to Peace Corps Writers

Lauren Greasewater's War (novel) by Stephen Hirst (Liberia 1962–1964) Muuso Press 2013 238 pages $14.99 (paperback), $7.99 (Kindle) Reviewed by Darcy Meijer (Gabon 1982–84) The front cover of Lauren Greasewater's War by Stephen Hirst is an Edward Curtis photo from 1907 depicting the full face of a Havasupai woman. From the first page until the dramatic finish, Hirst relates a gripping story that could well have occurred in 1970s Arizona.. (Read More)

Why Such Low Interest Rates? - Posted 5 days ago to Your Money: Popular Freakonomics

The Mortgage Corner Fixed 30-year conforming interest rates have once again dropped to 3.875 percent for a 1 pt. origination fee in California, after being as high as 4.50 percent earlier this year. Why the drop when most economic indicators show the economy recovering from the harsh winter? And the unemployment rate has fallen to 6.1 percent, as both the service and manufacturing sector Institute for Supply Management indicators show strong growth? The easy answer.. (Read More)

Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet also a victim of a sexual assault during Peace Corps Service. - Posted 6 days ago to Peace Corps: Public Records

Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet  made this revelation  in an interview in MORE magazine. During this in-depth interview, the Director talked about the new application process as well as other changes in the Peace Corps. In discussing her own Peace Corps service, she referenced what had happened to her and how important safety and security for Volunteers was to her, now. The interview is made.. (Read More)

Santiago's Green Dilemma - Posted 5 days ago to Introduced Species

I heard them before I saw them. From the upper limbs of the towering araucaria tree came a strident clamour. There. In the tree’s prickly top notch. A blob of intertwining branches, like a giant, roughly woven basket. From several holes peered green and grey heads with beady eyes. It was a parrot condo. In the forests of southern Chile I've often seen the emerald flocks of the choroy.. (Read More)

Don’t Forget the Millennials! - Posted 6 days ago to Your Money: Popular Freakonomics

Popular Economics Weekly In Janet Yellen’s current congressional testimony, the Fed Chair is saying the Fed could keep rates low for a long time to come. Why? Because unemployment is still too high, and economic growth too slow at present. That’s because the CBO says thanks to the lingering effects of the recession, the aging of the country, the shrinking of the labor force, and various tax and spending.. (Read More)

Carrie launches all out campaign to increase applications by almost three fold! - Posted 1 week ago to Peace Corps: Public Records

Peace Corps is suddenly being promoted everywhere. A glamorous Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet appeared on RPCV Chris Matthews “Hardball” TV show. President Obama announces in a new TV commercial “Peace Corps Wants You.”The focus of the attention is the rollout of the new, streamlined application process. Numerous articles are describing and analyzing this new “quick” application process. To begin at the beginning, The Peace Corps Blog, Passport, has.. (Read More)