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Russia Invades With Army Of Ten - Posted 21 hours ago to Your Money: In the New Economy

The Russians have invaded Ukraine with an army of ten.  Those are the only Russian soldiers actually captured in Ukraine by Ukrainian forces.  The Russian armor seen in Ukraine appears to be operated by Ukrainian rebel forces.  Other "Russian" soldiers seen via satellite photos are not clearly troops invading from Russia.  Although there are Russian voluteers with the rebels who are also all volunteers. There has to be a peace conference on Ukraine soon or the.. (Read More)

Talking with Gary Cornelius, author of Dancing with Gogos - Posted 1 day ago to Peace Corps Writers

Peace Corps Worldwide interviewed  Gary Cornelius about his Peace Corps service and his new book, Dancing with Gogos: A Peace Corps Memoir [Peace Corps Writers, 2014]. • Gary, where and when did you serve in the Peace Corps? In South Africa, from January 2012 to April 2013. I was “med-sepped” after about 14 months because I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disorder... (Read More)

President Obama nominates new PC Deputy Director - Posted 1 day ago to Peace Corps Writers

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate the following individuals to key Administration posts, among them: Carlos Torres, Nominee for Deputy Director, Peace Corps Carlos Torres is the Associate Director for Global Operations at the Peace Corps, a position he has held since 2013. He previously served as Regional Director for Inter-America and Pacific Region at the Peace Corps.. (Read More)

Duhs and Don'ts - Posted 2 days ago to Homesteading: Starting from Scratch

A reflective post after a season of significant silence. In these last months the shift I've witnessed in myself that is the result of the last four years of country life illuminates a tapestry of growth and balance like I've never experienced previously.  It sounds cliché, but it reminds me that success and failure are so intimately intertwined and one cannot exist without the other.  The lessons of life and land also seem intimately intertwined and.. (Read More)

Consumer Confidence Surging, Why Not Spending? - Posted 3 days ago to Your Money: Popular Freakonomics

Popular Economics Weekly Consumer confidence is up led by strength in the current assessment, which points to gains for consumer readings in August. But why aren’t consumers spending more, if so? Auto sales are up, but retail sales overall are flat at the moment. The answer may be consumers are waiting for better results in next Friday’s jobs report—maybe an unemployment rate below 6 percent, anyone? Consumer confidence rose 2.1 points.. (Read More)

Ban The Good - Posted 3 days ago to Environment - Light, Not Heat

God deliver me from do-gooders run amok.  Now the World Health Organization whants countries to ban smoking "E" cigarettes in public places.  I have never been a smoker but find this to be the most absurd warning ever issued. Begin with the basics, "E" cigarettes deliver nicotine but none of the other harmful items contained in tobacco smoke.  The reason, it does not produce smoke but vapor which so far has not been found to contain.. (Read More)

Tiny "Bubbles" - Posted 3 days ago to Your Money: In the New Economy

Time to get out the old Ouiji Board and see what the future holds for our rampaging securities markets.  The basic warning is that stocks are way overvalued due to excess liquidity among the "haves" who fuel the market.  They are tired of standing on the sidelines with net zero interest cash holdings.  They are moving to assets and the flavor of the month is stocks. A little more sophisticated concern looks at new "bubbles."  You.. (Read More)

Yellen + Jackson Hole = Higher Growth - Posted 4 days ago to Your Money: Popular Freakonomics

Popular Economics Weekly New Fed Chairman Janet Yellen plus a few other major central bankers at their annual Jackson Hole conference seem to have committed a heresy by advocating full employment as the goal of central bank policies, above and beyond fighting inflation. That may be an easier call today, given inflation is low and unemployment still high after the Greatest Recession since the Great Depression. But you can depend on the.. (Read More)

Ellen Urbani (Guatemala 1991-92) To Publish New Novel Next August - Posted 4 days ago to Peace Corps Writers

Ellen Urbani (Guatemala 1991-92) Ellen Urbani's (Guatemala 1991-92) memoir, When I Was Elena was published in 2006 by The Permanent Press. It is her Peace Corps story of living in Guatemala. It is also her story of coming of age as young women in the guerrilla-infested mountains of Latin America. Her narrative is interlaced, chapter-by-chapter, with tales told from the perspectives of seven HCN women she meets in her tour. (Read More)

Leading Indicators, Housing, Show More Growth Ahead - Posted 6 days ago to Your Money: Popular Freakonomics

Financial FAQs It looks like the US economy is kicking into high gear from its winter slump, as the Conference Board’s just released July Index of Leading Indicators (LEI) jumped 0.9 percent, the highest it’s been this year. It is a compilation of 12 leading measures of economic activity, such as interest rate spreads, employee hours worked that is a good predictor of future economic growth. (Read More)