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Election Complaints - Posted 5 hours ago to Your Money: In the New Economy

Politics heats up as Congressmen go home to meet their constituents.  I find several general themes that merit discussion. First, term limits.   Voters seem keen on limiting the terms of those elected to Congress.  Strange, in essence they want to stop someone for being successful.  I have not heard any calls for limits to professional athletes careers say to allow younger players a chance.  Their careers are limited by how long they can successfully.. (Read More)

Melting Pot Mythology - Posted 2 days ago to Kenshō Homestead Worldviews

Next in our propaganda exploration will be the ubiquitous 'multiculturalism' we've been conditioned in through media, politics and education.  It began here in the States, but it's infiltrating much of the world. Here's a perfect example from Sweden pumping multiculturalism among children young enough to not question the invasion some adults are feeling concerning mass immigration. I remember the Great American Melting Pot song and video from a very young age because it was a.. (Read More)

Case-Shiller Home Prices Up, Ownership Rate Lower - Posted 3 days ago to Your Money: Popular Freakonomics

The Mortgage Corner Home prices have stabilized for a while, after the 2013 double-digit price surge brought on by the Fed’s various QE bond purchases and ultra-low interest rates. And homeownership rates are still dropping due mainly to affordability and lack of supply, but homeownership might improve as more new homes are being built and inventories increasing after several years of skimpy supplies. The S&P/Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price Index, covering.. (Read More)

Clay Man A Life After Writing: Ron Arias (Peru 1963-64) Turns to Ceramics - Posted 3 days ago to Peace Corps Writers

A former English teacher and newspaper and magazine journalist, most recently for 22 years at People Ron Arias has published the following books: The Road To Tamazunchale, a novel nominated for a National Book Award; Five Against the Sea, a true survival saga; Healing from the Heart, with Dr. Mehmet Oz; Moving Target: A Memoir of Pursuit, and White's Rules:Saving Our Youth, One Kid At A Time, with Paul D. White. Most recently he publish a memoir entitled, My Life as.. (Read More)

Is Peace Corps Lying? UPDATE 7.30.15 - Posted 4 days ago to Peace Corps: Public Records

UPDATE:  I requested and did receive a telephone call from the FOIA Officer. She said that the reply I had received  was confusing and she hoped to correct the confusion and send a more comprehensive response to my request for information about the new faith initiative.  Evidently, the program is only in the very early stages of development. I will post the amended response when it is received.  I do appreciate the communication. Original post: Last February,.. (Read More)

Great Peace Corps Writers! A List from March 2009 - Posted 4 days ago to Peace Corps Writers

Posted by John Coyne on Monday, March 2nd 2009 I was struck the other day when I got an email from an RPCV who wanted to know if I was the “most famous” of all the Peace Corps writer. Hello? “Hardly,” I wrote back. I’m not even on that list of writers. So, just in case people don’t know the many, many fine, award-winning writers who.. (Read More)

Clifford Garstang (Korea 1976-77) Finalist for Indiana Authors Award - Posted 5 days ago to Peace Corps Writers

Clifford Garstang (Korea  1976-77 ) has been selected by The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation as an Emerging Author finalist for the 2015 Eugene & Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award. The goal of the Eugene & Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award is to elevate the written arts in Indiana, inspiring Hoosiers' love of reading and attracting greater attention to "home-grown" literary greats. The Award celebrates authors whose quality work has made, or has the potential to make,.. (Read More)

ExIm Bank - Posted 5 days ago to Your Money: In the New Economy

It appears as though the far right and the far left agree on one subject, the ExIm Bank.   Both extremes view it as a giveaway of public funds to big business.  Nothing could be more wrong.  The ExIm Bank has not cost the US tax payer one nickle, in fact it has earned money for the Feds. I know the ExIm Bank.   While at our embassy in Spain I had to negotiate a new.. (Read More)

Peace Corps sending trained people overseas or sending people overseas to be trained? - Posted 5 days ago to Peace Corps: Public Records

Every PCV and RPCV knows the Three Goals by heart.  The First: To help the people of interested countries in meeting their need for trained men and women In 2013, Peace Corps reported the lowest number of applicants in recent history. By far, the largest number of unfilled requests from "interested countries" was "Secondary Education - TEFL/English Teaching — 114 Volunteers teach conversational English, TEFL, or content-based English in middle and high schools. In.. (Read More)

Propaganda, American Style - Posted 1 week ago to Kenshō Homestead Worldviews

I first learned how propaganda works at a university course in France and I remember vividly sitting in the densely crowded lecture hall thinking, "How is it that knowledge so crucial is left out of our curriculum at home?" At home in the States I learned quite a lot about Soviet propaganda, but I never thought of applying that knowledge to the tactics used by our own social engineers until I lived in the Czech Republic. .. (Read More)