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Frank Mankiewicz, political and media insider, dies at 90 - Posted 20 hours ago to John Coyne Babbles

"I hooked up with Sarge in some motel room in El Paso. Fletcher Knebel was there. Bill Haddad was there. Everyone was totally charged up. Shriver and Haddad closed in on me: You're going to Peru--right?" And finally I said it: 'Yeah.' After a lot of whooping and backslapping and shouts of 't'rrfic,' Sarge turned to me as he was leaving and asked, 'Hey, don't you want to know what the job pays?' Somewhat embarrassed, Mankiewicz.. (Read More)

California’s Fracking Controversy - Posted 1 day ago to Your Money: Popular Freakonomics

Financial FAQs Santa Barbara voters have an upcoming ballot measure that bans all forms of enhanced drilling techniques, including steam injection and fracking, and it is getting national attention. Fracking supporters tout the huge boost in national oil and gas production that franking, or hydraulic fracturing of shale oil deposits to make extraction possible, that is making the U.S. more independent of foreign oil and gas.. But it is the well-documented.. (Read More)

Peace Corps and the NPCA have signed a MOU to Cooperate by focusing on Third Goal Activities - Posted 1 day ago to Peace Corps: Public Records

The National Peace Corps Association is a membership association for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. It is not an official part of the Peace Corps. However, it has always advocated for the Peace Corps Community. Now the Peace Corps has established  a more formal relationship with the NPCA. This Memorandum of Understanding was signed during the NPCA's annual gathering last June. Read the Memorandum of Understanding between the Peace Corps and the National Peace Corps.. (Read More)

Identidad-Idantite-Identity - Posted 2 days ago to Peace Photography

Please support this wonderful documentary photography project by RPCV Amy S. Martin. According to Martin's website: "Identidad. Idantite. Identity. is a project created with the intention of using photography and art to raise awareness of the identities of stateless people, specifically of those of Haitian descent living in the Dominican Republic." Having lived in the Dominican Republic I know that this is a very important issue. .. (Read More)

Bob Shacochis (Eastern Caribbean 1975-76) Wins Dayton Literary Peace Prize for Fiction - Posted 2 days ago to Peace Corps Writers

Bob Shacochis wins Dayton Literary Peace Prize for Fiction By Ron Charles September 24                                                                                                                          .. (Read More)

Existing-Home Sales Highest in Year - Posted 3 days ago to Your Money: Popular Freakonomics

The Mortgage Corner The National Association of Realtors reports total existing-home sales, which are completed transactions that include single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops, increased 2.4 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.17 million in September from 5.05 million in August. Sales are now at their highest pace of 2014, but still remain 1.7 percent below the 5.26 million-unit level from last September. (Read More)

Deflation Is Now Major Concern - Posted 4 days ago to Your Money: Popular Freakonomics

Popular Economics Weekly We wrote recently about the Eurozone in danger of becoming Japan, which has suffered through some 2 decades of a deflationary spiral, before Prime Minister Abe opened the stimulus spigots. Why is deflation (or disinflation, which is lower inflation but not falling prices) such a bad thing? Because it deflates everything, including profits, incomes and so job creation.   This starts a vicious circle of more job cuts and.. (Read More)

Climate Change Basics - Posted 6 days ago to Your Money: In the New Economy

I am sitting in my home in Mallorca surrounded by green, green everywhere.   Everyone is amazed, we have never seen the island so green, not even in spring.  My roses continue to bloom, the bushes are sending out blossoms and new shoots, ditto the trees.  The temperature ranges from 68-72 degrees F.  I  read and am told that it is the result of global warming or climate change.  Well if this be the case,.. (Read More)

Why Do We Need Wars for Great Recoveries? - Posted 1 week ago to Your Money: Popular Freakonomics

Financial FAQs Nobelist Paul Krugman has said history tells us it could take another world war, or similar mobilization effort to put everyone back to work and economic growth to return to historical levels from the Great Recession—even an Alien Invasion would do it, he once quipped In fact, the Great Recession was the equivalent of the Great Depression, which took more than 10 years of massive infrastructure building, retooling of whole.. (Read More)

Statistical Profile of Peace Corps Response Volunteers as of 9.30.13 - Posted 1 week ago to Peace Corps: Public Records

In 2010, Peace Corps opened up the Peace Corps Volunteer Response Program to professionals who had never served in the Peace Corps.  Previously, the program had been designed to allow  only RPCVs to accept short term assignments with the Peace Corps to utilize the expertise they had gained through their Peace Corps service. Facts to note in this profile about the Peace Corps Response Program: (Read More)