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An RPCV Takes a Humorous Look at Where and What He was in the Sixties - Posted 6 hours ago to Peace Corps Writers

A Writer Writes Don Schlenger was a Peace Corps Volunteer, with his wife Jackie, in Ethiopia 1966-1968.  They were survivors, along with 80 odd others, of the gulag known as Peace Corps Training at the University of Utah and the Navajo Reservation in Shiprock, New Mexico in the summer of 1966.  Upon returning to the United States, they aspired to be entrepreneurs or venture capitalists in Silicon Valley and thus make good use of the.. (Read More)

Oxi - That's Greek For No - Posted 18 hours ago to Your Money: In the New Economy

So the Greeks have voted to reject acceding to EU demands in order to receive more loans from the European Bank.  This will cause an earthquake in the Greek economy when the Greeks find that they will not be able to live on their own resources.   They can of course reintroduce the drachma and start printing them ad nauseum to replace the Euro.   However, this will only spark runaway inflation as Greeks try.. (Read More)

New Books by Peace Corps Writers — June 2015 - Posted 22 hours ago to Peace Corps Writers

To purchase any of these books from, click on the book cover, the bold book title, or the publishing format you would like — and Peace Corps Worldwide, an Amazon Associate, will receive a small remittance that will help support the site and the annual Peace Corps Writers awards. (Read More)

The Whole World is Watching - Posted 2 days ago to Peace Corps: Public Records

There are times in our nation's history when the "whole world is watching". When we are very fortunate, brave Americans step forward, such as in South Carolina last week, and demonstrate how great our country can be. The world is increasingly filled with terror and violence. We see people beheaded, burned, and bombed, targeted because they were of the wrong religion or race. That horror came to America on June 17th in historic Emanuel African Methodist.. (Read More)

We the Sheeple! - Posted 3 days ago to Kenshō Homestead Worldviews

Sheeple is a word like gay, redneck or a host of others.  My sister openly calls herself a sheeple and I respect that level of self-knowledge.  Though she is an intelligent woman and professor of psychology, she has neither the time nor the interest to seek leadership outside her own personal or professional field.  She likes to follow, she manages authority very well, and she wants good leaders. I like to call myself a wannabe redneck. .. (Read More)

Winner of Best Travel Book — 100 THINGS TO DO IN TAMPA BAY BEFORE YOU DIE by Kristen Hare - Posted 3 days ago to Peace Corps Writers

The Peace Corps Writers Award for Best Travel Book was first presented in 2001. • And the winner for Best Travel Book published in 2014 is . . . . 100 Things to Do in Tampa Bay before You Die by Kristen Hare (Guyana 2000–02) Reviewer Leita Kaldi Davis (Senegal 1993–96) said about 100 Things ... (Read More)

A Good Jobs Report - Posted 3 days ago to Your Money: Popular Freakonomics

Financial FAQs Should we push back the first Fed rate hike to the presidential election year of 2016, because of June's softer-than-expected employment report? Nonfarm payroll growth came in at 223,000 vs expectations for 230,000 and above. It included downward revisions totaling 60,000 to the two prior months (May revised to 254,000 from 280,000 and April to 187,000 from 221,000), said the Bureau of Labor Statistics report. I doubt the Fed.. (Read More)

NPCA Trip to Cuba--Now this is a good idea - Posted 4 days ago to John Coyne Babbles

Now this is a good idea..the only failing, I see, is that the group (it appears) will not be going to Finca Vigia, Museo Hemingway in Havana. This  Museo is supported by The Finca Vigia Foundation, named after Hemingway's home (which means "lookout farm" in Spanish), has for years worked with Cuban authorities to preserve the estate, restore Hemingway's fishing boat, the Pilar, and conserve the author's documents. One of the key figure.. (Read More)

2016 - Three Way Race - Posted 4 days ago to Your Money: In the New Economy

Well it looks like the die is cast for the 2016 presidential election.   We will have three major candidates - Clinton, Sanders and a Republican.  Senator Bernie Sanders is doing well but not well enough to topple the "ladies' choice," Hillary Clinton.   My guess is that he will run as an independent which is not so far-fetched since he is an Independent Senator.  Of course Sanders will draw votes away from Clinton so.. (Read More)

Winner of the 2015 Award for Best Children's Book — A HITCH AT THE FAIRMONT by Jim Averbeck - Posted 4 days ago to Peace Corps Writers

The Peace Corps Writers Award for Best Children's Book was first presented in 2001. Each award is given the  year following its the publishing. This year we have something special — for the first time since Peace Corps Writers has been presenting book awards in 1990 we have a repeat winner. Just last year Jim Averbeck won the same award for his book The Market.. (Read More)