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Liz Fanning served as a PCV in Morocco from 1993-95 and started CorpsAfrica to give young Moroccans (and all Africans) the opportunity to serve like she did, and to benefit from the transformative experience of service. CorpsAfrica builds on the Peace Corps model to deploy highly motivated young women and men to rural communities to facilitate small-scale, high-impact projects that are identified by local people and with a community contribution.

The CorpsAfrica experience gives young adults an opportunity to learn valuable professional skills while expanding their understanding of their country. Since 2013, CorpsAfrica has recruited, trained and placed nearly 300 volunteers in Morocco, Senegal, Malawi, and Rwanda, to serve in their own countries and other African countries.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Volunteers have chosen to stay at their sites to provide vital information and promoting healthy practices to marginalized communities. They demonstrate the power of local volunteers and the need to focus efforts on building local resiliency and African-led development.

The CorpsAfrica Volunteers have facilitated community development projects that build resilience during these challenging times, and now need funds. Please read Liz’s recent email with links to the project videos, and also their recent 50-minute virtual event, which is phenomenal.

While the world struggles with the global pandemic, the climate crisis, political upheaval, and so much more, the CorpsAfrica Volunteers have bravely remained at their sites, helping their communities to prevent the spread of Covid-19, endure the economic upheaval, and prepare for future crises by facilitating small-scale, high-impact projects that the local people themselves have identified.
This is where you come in. There are many innovative CorpsAfrica initiatives that are more important now than ever and need heroes like you to help make them happen. Projects like:
These and other CorpsAfrica projects have been designed to build resilience by stressing long-term food security, infrastructure, and economic empowerment. All of the Volunteers have secured significant in-kind and cash contributions from the communities in which they live. They have also written detailed proposals and produced and starred in short videos that explain the need, the project specifics, and the impacts they expect them to have. Please click here to watch the inspiring videos and read the proposals written by the CorpsAfrica Volunteers in Morocco, Senegal, Malawi and Rwanda.
You can sponsor any of the projects listed on the project page, or donate to CorpsAfrica (in any amount) and we will direct the funds where they are needed most.
CorpsAfrica is creating a growing movement of passionate and ambitious young Africans ready to learn, give back, and grow through long-term, community-based service. In March of this historic year, 56 volunteers quickly transitioned to providing critical crisis-response efforts in their villages. This unprecedented experience has demonstrated the power of the CorpsAfrica model of local volunteers helping local people with no preconceived agenda other than listening to them and building their capacity to help themselves.
We are working to help the Volunteers successfully complete their service and learn from their experiences. Their projects will build stronger, more resilient communities. Please join us in this effort by making a donation today.
Thank you and stay safe.
Liz Fanning
Founder and Executive Director
If you missed it, here’s the virtual event CorpsAfrica hosted earlier this month featuring the Volunteers, staff and Board. It was a labor of love. We hope you enjoy it.
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Federal employees – please support CorpsAfrica during the 2020 Combined Federal Campaign.
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Thank you!



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  • CorpsAfrica trains young Africans and supports them with sustainability projects. I’ve contributed to it for a number of years. Contributions can also be made to specific projects. It’s a dynamic and worthy organization.

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