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Peace Corps Applications Lowest in Decade? True?

Peace Corps Applications Lowest in Decade? True?

[In March, Vocativ, a news website posted this item and it just came my way.] posted by VOCATIV STAFF in SNEAK PEEK “Those who can’t find work, volunteer.” That was a popular idea during the height of the recession, but Vocativ has learned that the number of people applying to serve as volunteers in the Peace Corps is down 35 percent from 2009 and is now the lowest in a decade. As the national unemployment rate hit a record high after the real estate market crash, so did the number of applications to the Peace Corps. 24 months in Tonga? No problem. Build a library in Burkina Faso? Why not. While college seniors scrambled to compete for few entry level jobs, the once for-hippies-only, life-postponing volunteer program offered an alternative stepping stone to adult life. However, that is no longer the case, according to data on applicants and enrolled volunteers . . .

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