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New Short Stories by Rob Davidson reviewed

New Short Stories by Rob Davidson reviewed

The online arm of the Chico (CA) Enterprise Record published a review of Rob Davidson’s (Crenada 1990–92) new short story collection. Biblio File: New collection of short stories from a Chico writer By Dan Barnett Posted: 3/11/2012 at Rob Davidson teaches American literature and creative writing at Chico State University. Born in Duluth, Minnesota, he studied at Beloit College and Purdue University, then traveled to the Eastern Caribbean to serve with the U.S. Peace Corps. His new collection of short stories, “The Farther Shore” ($16 in paperback from Bear Star Press in Cohasset, takes its inspiration from the sayings of the Buddha: “Go beyond / This way or that way, / To the farther shore / Where the world dissolves / And everything becomes clear.” The nine stories in the book, beautifully designed by Bear Star’s Beth Spencer, bring their central characters to a place that threatens dissolution. They . . .

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