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New Books By RPCV Writers

New Books By RPCV Writers

Allah’s Garden Thomas Hallowell (Morocco) Tales Press 198 pages March 2009   The 38 Million Dollar Smile by Richard Stevenson (aka Richard Lipez (Ethiopia 1962-64) mlrpress September 2009   Four Corners: The Vineyards and Wineries of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado By Starley Talbott (South Africa, 2001) Plainstar Press 2009 Trade Paperback $24.95   San Francisco Tenderloin true stories of heroes, demons, angels, outcasts & a psychotrherapist (Expanded Second Edition) by Larry Wonderling (PC/COR Puerto Rico 1968-70; Afghanistan 1970-73; early ’80s Central and Latin America; late ’80s Africa) Cape Foundation Publications, $24.95 408 pages 2008   Portrait of a Peace Corps Gringo By Paul Arfin (Colombia 1963-65) Self-Published, $17.99 356 pages 2009 La Ranfla and other New Mexico Stories By Martha Egan (Venezuela 1967-69) Papalote Press, $24.95 200 pages 2009 Rock Worn by Water (Poems) By Florence Chard Dacey (Nigeria 1963-65) Plain View Press, $14.20 77 pages . . .

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