Write about Your Peace Corps Experience and Earn an MFA Degree

Write about Your Peace Corps Experience and Earn an MFA Degree

Have you ever wanted to tell the story of your Peace Corps experience or the stories of the people you met in your service? The Master in Fine Arts Program at National University is running a special cohort of students comprised of current or returned PCVs, employees of the National Peace Corps Association, or other members of the NPCA that have been closely involved with the Peace Corps.

The Peace Corps Cohort will take three writing workshop classes together that will focus on writing about your Peace Corps experience and explore notable texts by other Peace Corps veterans. All three classes will be led by returned Peace Corps volunteer and noted author, John Coyne. The rest of the classes required to earn the MFA degree in Creative Writing will be taken with our experienced MFA faculty and our diverse student body.

The MFA program is completely online, so it can be completed from anywhere in the world as long as you have reliable internet access.

All members of the cohort must also be members of the NPCA to receive a 15% tuition discount for the program.

If you are an aspiring writer and are interested in writing about your experiences living abroad, please feel free to contact the MFA program Academic Program Director Frank Montesonti, at fmontesonti@nu.edu or John Coyne at jcoyneone@gmail.com for more information.

We plan to begin the first class of the cohort April, 2017.



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