RPCV Susan L Carpenter (Ethiopia): Mediator, Trainer, Writer

Susan L. Carpenter (Ethiopia 1968-70)

Susan L. Carpenter (Ethiopia 1968-70) is a writer and mediator, trainer in private practice. She has spent the past thirty years developing and managing programs to reach consensus on public issues, resolve public controversies and develop common goals and visions at the local, state and national level.

She was the founding director of the Program for Community Problem Solving in Washington, D.C. Prior to that she spent ten years as the associate director of ACCORD Associates in Boulder, Colorado mediating complex public disputes and training others to handle conflict productively.

She currently works with organizations and groups to build capacity for collaboration and conflict resolution. Ms. Carpenter holds a Master’s Degree in International Education and a Doctorate in Future Studies both from the University of Massachusetts. She was a Visiting Fellow at the Program on Negotiation at the Harvard Law School. She taught for two years in Ethiopia as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Ms. Carpenter has authored numerous materials, and coauthored the book, Managing Public Disputes: A Practical Guide to Handling Conflict and Reaching Agreements.


Managing Public Disputes: A Practical Guide
coauthored by Susan L. Carpenter (Ethiopia 1968-70) and W.J.D. Kennedy
Jossey-Bass Publisher
314 pages
July 2001
$11.18 (paperback); $6.05 (hardcover)

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