LOST HOLLOW by Donna S. Frelick (Gambia)

Lost Hollow
by Donna S. Frelick (Gambia 1976-78)
335 pages
July 2024
$2.99 (Kindle 2298 KB)
Book 1 of 1 Alienville Series


Dr. Moira McCann worries when her mercurial twin Claire fails to show up for a rare sisterly visit. Claire’s last text was from a small town in the North Carolina mountains—Allenville. And now Claire won’t respond to any texts or calls; her phone is dead. Which means Moira—the responsible sister—has to go looking for her.

Allenville Police Chief Seth Call juggles the usual town disputes and the everyday trouble outsiders get into in his remote county. But early summer brings a special kind of chaos: it’s mating season in these mountains for a certain vicious species, and anyone is prey if they wander too far off the known paths.

When Moira seeks his help finding her sister, Seth can’t hint at any of the real dangers she faces. Despite his instant attraction to this woman, Seth has his secrets to keep—about his town, about his people and their history, about what Claire’s true fate may have been. But Moira already believes there’s more to the cute little town of Allenville—and its sexy Police Chief—than it seems. And she won’t stop until she’s discovered the unearthly truth.


Donna S. Frelick has been a journalist, a Peace Corps Volunteer (Gambia 1976-78) and an author of STAR TREK fan fiction. She was an RWA® Golden Heart® Double Finalist in 2012 for the first two novels in her contemporary SFR INTERSTELLAR RESCUE series and a SFR Galaxy Award Winner in both 2016 and 2018 for the third and fourth books in the series.

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