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Don Dirnberger –Noah’s Ark The Event (Antigua)

Don Dirnberger –Noah’s Ark The Event (Antigua)

  Noah’s Ark The Event by Don Dirnberger (Antiqua 1977-79) Self-published/Amazon 88 pages April 2020 $0 (kindle); $29.99 (paperback)   Noah’s Ark The Event is about The Wobble and the aftermath upon the marble we call Earth. This book is sci-fi with a basis in reality. The events which have been occurring around us gave me a pause to consider the possibility of life on the planet after the predicted happened. It has long been stated in many civilizations and with scientific evidence that The Wobble is a real event. We are past due for it to occur. The book is a simple explanation of what might happen given the likelihood of history repeating itself. That repeat may have caused the extinction during the eons of the life cycle of the planet. Read with the open mind that should it occur we will either perish or survive based on our . . .

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