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RPCV Michael Skelly “Plugging in the Wind” (Costa Rica)

RPCV Michael Skelly “Plugging in the Wind” (Costa Rica)

Thanks for the ‘heads up’ from David Miron (Colombia 1963-65) The Wall Street Journal June 22, 2019 By Russell Gold Updated June 22, 2019 12:01 am ET Adapted from “SUPERPOWER: One Man’s Quest to Transform American Energy” by Wall Street Journal reporter Russell Gold, to be published by Simon & Schuster, Inc., on June 25. When Michael Skelly first visited the Oklahoma panhandle in 2009, he gazed at a giant grid with squares of corn and grassland. There were few houses, one every mile or so. Half had been abandoned decades ago by homesteaders who gave up to the elements. This pancake-flat landscape, he thought, held the key to overturning one of the greatest misconceptions of the climate-change crisis. For years, the wind and the sun were widely dismissed as niche sources of power that could never fill America’s vast need for energy. But now the cost of solar and wind power had . . .

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