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“The American Government Works” by Tom Hebert (Nigeria)

“The American Government Works” by Tom Hebert (Nigeria)

  The American Government Works A column by  Tom Hebert (Nigeria 1962-64) Published on November 2,2018   The Pendleton Post Office was built in 1916 during a time of support for the U.S. government.   Next time you’re in downtown Pendleton, visit the post office at the corner of Southwest Dorion and First Street. There, on an old plaque cemented to the wall are the words: “This brick building was constructed in 1916 by the Federal Government and has been in continuous use as a Post Office and Courthouse since that time … The symmetry and classical elements of the style create a feeling of monumentality and permanence appropriate to civic structures. The confidence in the government inspired by public buildings of this time must have seemed particularly important at a time when the front page of the newspaper was devoted almost entirely to the developments of the First World . . .

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