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Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers

Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers

  Legislative Update June 8, 2018 Nancy E. Tongue, Sara T. Thompson, Jennifer Mamola • BOTH THE HOUSE AND THE SENATE legislation have been written, reviewed and revised by Congress and we expect that both will go to the House of Representatives for a final vote by the Chamber in the very near future. We will make an announcement when that occurs. Sadly, neither the House nor the Senate pending legislation has included what we have fought so hard for. Many may see the legislation as a step forward, regardless. However, those of us who have invested our lives in obtaining appropriate legislation for those who return sick and injured are crushed that the key reforms that we at Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers, and all Volunteers, desperately need have been eliminated or not included. We recognize that gaining any legislation in this political climate is an accomplishment. We . . .

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