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More About Peace Corps Books at the Library of Congress

More About Peace Corps Books at the Library of Congress

Reference: New: Annotated Bibliography of Peace Corps Writers’ Books in the Library of Congress Filed by Gary Price on September 22, 2011 From the Bibliography Web Site: The Library of Congress celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps with this annotated bibliography of selected books in the Library of Congress collections authored by returned Peace Corps volunteers and a few former staff members. It contains a listing of 284 books published between 1964 and 2011. Each entry links to a Library of Congress Online Catalog record, which contains more information about the book. Although far from comprehensive, this selected bibliography is representative of the creativity, scholarship, and knowledge of the developing world of more than 1,000 Peace Corps writers. About 70 percent of the cited books are nonfiction and 30 percent, fiction. Less than a quarter are memoirs of the Peace Corps experience. The 233 authors served in the Peace Corps in 83 . . .

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