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Review of Robert Hamilton's (Ethiopia 1965-67) Dr. Dark

Review of Robert Hamilton's (Ethiopia 1965-67) Dr. Dark

Dr. Dark by Robert E. Hamilton (Ethiopia 1965–67) Amazon Digital, $.99 356 pages October, 2012 Reviewed by R J Huddy (Morocco 1981-83) The set-up for Robert Hamilton’s novel Dr. Dark is an event that many of us might have encountered at one time or another. One day you’re tooling along, minding your own business, when, without warning, some startling event occurs, and suddenly someone needs your immediate assistance. Sometimes it even means life or death. Maybe someone needs a Heimlich maneuver, or CPR. Or maybe, as in Dr. Dark, it’s a car accident. You may find-as did Hamilton’s Dr. Barbara Kelly-that someone else, a total stranger, has appeared at your side, and for a few moments you are irrevocably linked with this stranger in the immense effort to save the life of another stranger. Perhaps, like Dr. Kelly, you are more calm and rational in that tense effort than you’d . . .

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