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Review of Phillip L. Peters: What Do I Do Now?

Review of Phillip L. Peters: What Do I Do Now?

WHAT DO I DO NOW? by Phillip L. Peters (Guatemala 1962–64) and Kathleen Peters National Information Services $16.95 (paperback) 169 pages September 2011 Reviewed by Leo Cecchini (Ethiopia 1962–64) READING What Do I Do Now? is akin to watching one of those 4 am TV shows with a self-made millionaire pitching his plan for how to make a fortune. The pitch always starts by promising that you will make lots of money, and ends with selling you a program or system for selling a product or service. The author tells the story through a character, Luke. based on his personal life starting as a Peace Corps Volunteer through becoming a successful “social entrepreneur” selling “wellness” products. Luke in turn tells the story in the form of reflections on his life as he prepares to go to the Peace Corps’s 50Th Anniversary Celebration in Washington DC this past September. Luke recalls . . .

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