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Review of Dan Close's A Year on the Bus

Review of Dan Close's A Year on the Bus

A Year on the Bus by Dan Close (Ethiopia 1966-68) Warren, VT: Tamarac Press $15.00 131 pages 2010 Reviewed by Don Messerschmidt (Nepal 1963-65) THIS IS A SMALL BOOK THAT DESERVES  a short, but positive review. In the space of 131 small pages, with a slightly larger than usual font, the author convinced me that this is a good book for a lot of folks. Have you ever been “caught” behind a school bus when you have to get somewhere fast? he asks. Are you, or  have you ever been, a school bus driver? Are you the parent of a kid on a school bus? Were you ever a kid on a bus? If any of these questions are you, then, this book is for you. And, I’ll add, if you know a school bus driver, give him or her a copy. If only for laughs, because this is a . . .

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